Our Recruitment Process

Kannan Enterprises with its well qualified team, extensive database, smart selection criteria, modern offices and testing facilities provides integrated, comprehensive and cost effective manpower to the organisations across globe.

Our clients have found that we are able to:

  • Build consensus among those involved in the hiring process.

  • Develop the appropriate specifications for a position.

  • Encourage the interest of top-level people who would otherwise be reluctant to respond to an advertisement.

  • Save a considerable amount of time for client staff in developing and responding to candidates.

  • Independently and objectively assess the qualifications and suitability of candidates for the particular position for which we are recruiting.

Job Specification

Our first step is to take a detailed job specification from our clients to determine their key needs and requirements. For existing clients, this is normally conducted via telephone or email, particularly in the case of a temporary position. For new clients we prefer to discuss your requirements in person so as to develop rapport and become familiar with the organisation and the environment. If an appointment cannot be made straight away, we will search from the job specification received via telephone and have resumes ready for our clients consideration at our introductory meeting. The preferred information required for our job specification includes:

  • Qualifications/experience required

  • Role description and key responsibilities

  • Opportunities for career progression

  • Software experience required/preferred

  • Hours/Days of position, additional flexibility required

  • Salary expectations

  • Start date and/or duration of appointment (temp positions only)


We have an existing database of candidates / job seekers who have registered with our agency.

The registration process involves:

  • Candidate short listing

  • Interview – we personally meet each applicant, determine their requirements and suitability for available positions

We review all currently registered applicants when a new position is registered against the job specification to determine any preliminary matches. This can expedite the process of selection for prospective employers (and our applicants). We contact all matched applicants to inform them of the new position, determine their interest and if they are interested, forward their resume to our client for consideration.