MD Insights

We are passionate about what we do

Our Mission is to bring the overseas employers and aspirants youth/job seekers together on one platform, assist the aspirants by coordination for their Visas, PCC, PPs, organizing occupational competency certificates of international standards, arranging all sort of medicals, e-migration etc. On the other hand we endeavors to provide the best manpower (skilled and experienced) in their respective trades, those who can face the challenges of the industry and can delivers to expectation of the company, with a mission target where there is no room for wastage.

Expansion Plans

Our focused plan of expansion is where Kannan Enterprises would like to have its own office in all the major cities of India over the period of 5 years. Apart from this over the period of 10 years even we would like to reach to the far flung places of India which are talent prone in specific trades but not having the proper facilities/platform for the candidates to exhibits their talent. We will open the door for them with overseas clients. Plenty of abroad jobs will knocks at their door steps.

We are well equipped and capable of providing the best registration facilities/best placements to the aspirants. Our continuous research in the field information technology, guidance and counseling has proved to be very vital tool in the hands of aspirants and countless job seekers because they are benefited directly or indirectly.

Our future plans also include the following:

  • The research work on the preparation of a model which will enhance the pattern of skill development and skill up gradation for overseas jobs.

  • Our team is working hard for the further improvements in the job forecasting, research and development.

  • We are also focusing now on the predepature orientation training program and post employment labor welfare.

Mr. S.G. Vijaya Kumar Nair
- Managing Director
Kannan Enterprises